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Louis A. Khan ( Chairman )

Bangladesh is mainly agro-based country . where we can produce lot of vegetable and others. The mother-land of Our country is very much fertile than other country where I visited and seen like, Europe few country, USA, Japan, and Middle east. But Our country has 6 seasons so we are greatfull to our Almighty God. Mushroom Production /cultivation and making lot of mushroom related products can be the strong market in Bangladesh, where we can get nutrition support and bring foreign currency. Together we can say Helath And Wealth. Mycolife is a company where you can trust it products effectiveness. We welcome all our dealers and consumers for their support to our company. We will share our products in global market soon. We wish to get  welcome  business from the support different countries ,e i, USA, Canada,Europe,middle east countries.





ALdrin Khan ( Managing Director )

Good Day,

First of all I am greatful to my God who brought me in here. I am not a mushroom consumer but also a lover who see dream about the mushroom development in Bangladesh. I start my career in Mushroom since 2000 where I learned and seen Mushroom can be the best food for the body and body will say bye-bye to the disease. Yes this is 100 % true, if you do not believe ,please start taking mushroom everyday see the change of your body. Specially Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom, Oyster , Shiitake, Cordyceps have it's therapiticle effect on body. It detoxify the toxin from cell and bring balance to the Cells. It is scientifically proven in China, Japan, USA, Europe, also in Bangladesh.

2nd thing I learned that it has a huge market in this world because, medicine one day people will not take due to its strong side effect. Now a days people  are aware of health ,so mushroom will be the best for our body  to provide nutrition. Make strong of our immune system to keep our internal doctor alert . Bangladesh land for agricultural expansion is almost impossible, also the unemployed population in our country is 2.5 or 3 million out of which more than 1 million is female. Mushroom cultivation does not compete with other crops,can be grow in homestead with the active participation of family members. Another extension for income generating source in unemployed sector and improving the social as well as economic status of the female and male.

Bangladesh is a country, where we can produced all types of  mushrooms and has the scope to be the global leader . Foreign currency is waiting for this mushroom sector of Bangladesh.  we should better grab it .We, everybody has to eat and love this wonderful mushroom and cooperate mushroom growers. who, where are any Bagladeshi live , try to help our this sector as import or cooperation in Business side.






I started mushroom growing since 2007. Still I am learning. There are so many technique and ideas can be apply for cultivation mushroom. I want to share that  Mushroom is a wonderful  vegetable which make you happy in your life. I like mushroom very much. 



 MR. MICHAEL KHAN ( Operation Director )






Dorothy Sreeporna Choudhury ( Director )


           Dewan Ismot  Ara ( Director)                                                                           

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